The Sudbrooke Parish Council is made up of 8 elected members - comprising the Chair, Vice-Chair and 6 members - who work for the benefit of the community and all local residents. The Parish Council is fully accountable and subject to detailed audit.

The Clerk to the Parish Council is a part-time employee, as is the Treasurer/Responsible Financial Officer.

Meetings of the Sudbrooke Parish Council are held monthly, except during August, and are normally at 7.30pm on the first Thursday in each month in the Bramham Lounge of the Village Hall.   Residents may attend full council meetings and can speak briefly on village matters at the commencement of the meeting in Parishioners Items.

All enquiries about this website or content, please contact the Sudbrooke Parish Clerk. 

Members of the Parish Council have specific responsibilities as follows:-

Responsibility for: Person(s) Responsible


Councillor Paul Fido

Parish Clerk

Defibrillator weekly checks

Councillor Peter Heath

Grass Cutting

Councillor Paul Fido


Councillor Simon Clayton

(with delegated authority)

Councillor Tracey Bowman

Councillor Mrs Sandra Clayton

Councillor Paul Fido

Neighbourhood Plan
Review Working Group

Councillor Simon Crampton -  Lead


New Cemetery Working Group

Group paused.


Councillor Mrs Tracey Bowmaqn

Sudbrooke News distribution

Councillor Mrs Sandra Clayton

Trees and Environment

Councillor Paul Fido

Parish Council Website

Councillor Mrs Pauline Loven

Village Furniture

Councillor Mrs Sandra Clayton

Village Hall Committee

Councillor Tracey Bowman

Village Play areas, equipment
and Weekly visual inspections

Councillor Sandra Clayton



Land owned by Sudbrooke Parish Council

Jubilee Garden, Scothern Lane,

Stuart Curtis Memorial Field, Scothern Lane

The playing field at the Village Hall

Fox Covert to Main drive footway

Northfield Park open space